2015/04/21 10:14:27

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What is ENML

E.N.M.L. means Environmental Noise Model Language. The target of the project is the definition of a XML application mainly devoted to electronic acoustic data interchange.

In this prodromic stage we are developing the conceptual data model that will allow us the definition of the xml schema to be used for enml documents and data validation.

ENML tries to answer to the need of communication of acoustic data produced by monitoring noise networks already present. Subjects interested in this could be somoeone involved in:

  • acoustic data production
  • acoustic data processing
  • acoustic data publishing

the variuous subjects can be institutions or commercial companies, consultants etc ...

ENML format is public so to make its spreading easier and this site could and should be the referring point for anyone interested in using ENML.

Starting from december 2009 enml.org is a non-profit association. Trying to interpret the opensource world spirit we decided to configure our organization as a non-profit association devoted to the development of cultural initiatives in the IT sphere.